About Immunet®

Immunet® by Cisco® provides essential antimalware protection for PC users. We leverage the collective intelligence of a growing community, the speed of cloud computing, and the power of social networking to provide a groundbreaking approach to security.

Malware is a global problem that takes a collaborative approach to combat effectively. Immunet provides Collective Immunity™ to all users through a "safety in numbers" approach that grows stronger and smarter with each new user in the community. Immunet harnesses the global userbase to drive unprecedented detection ability and return real-time security to every user.

The flagship product, Immunet FREE Antivirus, is a consumer product that provides extra antimalware protection that is light, fast, and compatible with existing security products. The Immunet community grows daily by the word-of-mouth recommendations of satisfied members, who say they like the extra, fast antimalware protection that Immunet provides for free. View The Immunet Edge Technology Brief to learn more.

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Pledge to Protect

We strive to protect people in real-time from the latest Internet threats using the power of collective intelligence, the speed of cloud computing, and the strength of community.

We believe everyone deserves to be malware-free, and will always offer Immunet FREE Antivirus at no charge for anyone who wants it.

We aim to deliver a customer experience that is fast, lightweight, highly effective, real-time, and easy to use

We believe all PCs connected online should be running an effective and lightweight antimalware product that makes the Internet a safer place for the entire Web community.

We work hard to create smart, friendly antimalware products that are compatible with existing security solutions but can also dramatically boost protection against threats.

We continuously improve and evolve the technology, judgment and detection capabilities of the Immunet Cloud to provide users with a malware detection set that is always up to date but that does not adversely slow down their computing experience.

We collaborate in partnership with leading security experts, companies, online communities and social networks in the spirit of goodwill and knowledge sharing to foster an improved, global security ecosystem for all.

Immunet and Collective Immunity™

The name Immunet — a combination of "immune" plus “Internet” — was inspired by our vision to boost the collective immunity of the entire Web community and security ecosystem through an effective malware solution that can benefit every PC.

Collective Immunity, means the shared protective resistance against computer malware infection gained through the strength of community and the shared intelligence gathered within the Immunet Cloud. Collective Immunity also means “shared immunity” of a group of PC users against malware.

The Immunet Cloud

The Immunet Cloud is a secure centralized malware detection network that instantly connects users to the intelligent Immunet antimalware engines. Free malware detections from Immunet are always up-to-date in the cloud, and require no downloads to the user's desktop, delivering lightning-fast malware protection that won't slow down your PC the way some traditional antimalware solutions do.

The Immunet Community

The Immunet Community of members using Immunet Free all contribute to collective intelligence by providing potential malware files for Immunet engines to analyze. As soon as a threat is detected on one PC, Immunet delivers lightning-fast malware detection capabilities and pushes intelligent protection in real-time to ALL Immunet users within milliseconds.

Immunet users do not need to update the malware detection files stored on their own PC harddrive, since all malware detection files and intelligence for blocking malware resides within the Immunet Cloud. The result is an antimalware solution that remains fast and lightweight without slowing down the user while online.



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