Protect People for Free with Immunet

Everyone Deserves to Be Virus-Free, Including Your Closest Contacts

Connect safely with your contacts
Minimize the risk your contacts will infect you with a virus
Know who in your community has active protection
Add people anytime to protect them for free

Step 1: Download and Install Immunet FREE Antivirus

Click to download the latest version of Immunet FREE Antivirus.

Step 2: Add People to the Immunet Community

Add people to the Immunet Community directly from your Immunet Plus desktop software. Go to "My Community" and click "Add People". Enter your contacts email address, or invite them using your email system (supports Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail).

Step 3: View Your Immunet Community

When your contact accepts the invitation to install Immunet Plus, they will appear in your protection community. View the Immunet Community video below to preview the social graph of an Immunet Community, which appears once a contact has accepted your invitation.

Step 4: View Your Contact's Protection Status

Whenever you and your contact are online, you will see each other’s protection status as “active”. You no longer need to worry about infecting your friends with a virus. When your friend is using Immunet Plus, you reduce the risk that they may infect you with a virus. View the Immunet Community video below to see how Immunet Pluss you and your community against threats.

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