Frequently Asked Questions

This article covers frequently asked questions pertaining to the Immunet Protect Free.

Immunet General

I had previously registered with the Immunet website, it's gone now. What happened?

When Immunet Protect 2.0 was released (June 16, 2010) the Immunet website retired it's Community features and moved them directly into your product. The 2.0 product will now allow you to directly invite friends, manage current connections and add new friends. The password and email address you used on the old website will now work directly in the product.

How do I submit a suspicious file to Immunet?

The easiest way to submit files to us is email. You can mail samples to This will feed your samples to an automated system and if we can build protections for it they will available over the cloud within a day of your submission and in some cases as soon as 2 hours.

What processes does Immunet Protect consist of?

agent.exe is the main detection engine
iptray.exe is the UI

Immunet FREE

Immunet Protect Free is __Companion Anti-Virus, what other Anti-Virus packages can it run beside?

The following anti-virus packages have been tested to work alongside the Immunet Protect beta version. Users should be able to install Immunet Protect alongside each of these packages and significantly increase their ability to detect viruses. In this case, "supported" means that Immunet will test these products in the QA environment and qualify that they co-install properly and work in tandem during normal operations without any obvious interference or resource drag. Supported products will get priority in the QA test/fix cycles and will get priority attention from Immunet Staff on the Community Forum.

Product Platform / SP 32/64
AVG 8.5 Windows XP SP2 / Vista 32/64
AVG 9 Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Avira Antivir 9 Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Avira Antivir 10 Windows XP SP3 /Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Norton (AV/360/IS) 2009 Windows XP SP3 /Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Norton (AV/360/IS) 2010 Windows XP SP3 /Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Mcafee AntiVirus (TP/SC) 2009 Windows XP SP3 /Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Microsoft Security Essentials Windows XP SP3 /Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Trend AntiVirus 2010 Windows XP SP3 /Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Kaspersky (AV/IS) 2010 Windows XP SP3 /Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Comodo (AV/IS) 4.0 Windows XP SP3 /Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Trend AntiVirus + AntiSpyware 2010 (Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
Trend Virus Buster 2010 Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64
K7 Total Security 2010 Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP1 / Windows 7 32/64

Can I run my Immunet Protect FREE install along 'non-supported' Anti-Virus products?

Most likely you can, yes. However, if your package is not listed here in the FAQ, we would ask that you post to the support forum before you install. There we will let you know if we are aware of any issues with the product in question.

What are the Unofficially Supported Anti-Virus Packages for Immunet Protect Free?

Unofficially Supported Products are products that users have indicated work for them but that have not been tested by Immunet. In some cases, Immunet has received mixed reports regarding functionality issues. Generally, Immunet advises users to use Officially Supported Products with Immunet products, in order to avoid experiencing unexpected (and unwanted) results when using products that Immunet has not yet tested and do not currently support.

Product Platform / SP 32/64
Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2010 Windows XP SP3 32/64
Comodo Internet Security Windows XP SP2/SP3 32/64
PrevX 3.5 Vista SP1 32/64
Spyware Doctor Windows XP SP3 32/64
Bit Defender AntiVirus 2010 Windows XP SP3 32/64
Threatfire 4.5.24 Vista SP1 32/64
Sunbelt VIPRE 3.2.2 Vista SP1 32/64
Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Vista SP1 32/64
QuickHeal AntiVirus Plus 10.0 Vista SP1 32/64
A-Squared Free Vista SP1 32/64
BluePoint Security Vista SP1 32/64
AhnLab V3 Intern Security 8.0 Vista SP1 32/64
BullGuard 8.7 Vista SP1 32/64
Online Armor Vista SP1 32/64
Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 Vista SP1 32/64

Users who have questions or feedback about Immunet-supported platforms or anti-virus packages are invited to post to the support forum.

Is the Update Now feature working?

Yes, but there are three possible reasons why you may not have a new version prompted during update now.
1) We are testing only new users to make sure there are no problems before upgrading existing users.
2) A bug prevents upgrading in the product and there is no time to fix it for existing users, but the update will help new users.
3) There is a minor release that fixes the few users that are affected. Right now we are unable to do minor upgrades such as to This is on todo list.


How are new versions announced?

A new versions is announced in the Announcements Forum listed with the [major].[feature].[minor] versions. This will include a general list of changes made. Then if a new build is published because some people are seeing bugs, we will list the [major].[feature].[minor].[build] beneath that, but will only notify users who are exhibiting the bug.

This will be replaced with a more detailed Changelog system when we have the time and figure out the best method.


What are the differences between Flash Scan, Custom Scan, Full Scan & Rootkit Scan?

Flash Scan - Scans registry and system process that are in memory to determine which files to scan on disk.

Custom Scan - Scans the folder you select

Full Scan - Scans all logical drives

Rootkit Scan - Looks for hidden Rootkits on volumes


What is gaming mode?

Gaming mode is the ability to shut off all notifications from Immunet Protect while watching movies or playing games.


Why did I get an error going into My Community that says "An error has occurred atempting to load your community"?

The following could be reasons for this:
1) Java may have pushed out a new version and you may need to go to right-click on the tray icon and select Exit and then use the shortcut on your desktop to re-spawn the UI.
2) There could be a problem writing to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\immunet\community.json that may be permissions related.

Help & Support

I see this message: "File Could Not Be Deleted. Check to see if Agent is online." How do I tell if my agent is online?

Open the windows Task Manager. Depending on which OS, you will either have to check or click on the "Show Processes from all users" button. Then order by Image name or Process name and look for agent.exe. If you see this in the list your agent is running. If not, you should reboot your machine.

If you do find your agent to be online, and the error persists, please post to the support forum.